The Planning Department guides development of the City through administration of the City’s Comprehensive Plan and the Zoning, Subdivision, Environmental and Building codes.  It is the responsibility of the planner to routinely review and update these codes that regulate development throughout Millwood.  Additionally, the planner reviews and approves special permits, processes subdivision and other land use applications and assists the City Council and Planning Commission with public meetings and hearings.

Comprehensive Plan

The Comprehensive Plan establishes goals, objectives, policies, actions, and standards for development and growth in Millwood and is a required document pursuant to the Washington State Growth Management Act (GMA).

Amendments to the Comprehensive Plan are allowed no more than once a year.  The deadline for amendment applications is April 30.

In addition to the annual amendments, the City is required to conduct a thorough review of the Comprehensive Plan every 8 years.  The City’s is currently conducting this legislative review of the plan.

To view the City of Millwood Comprehensive Plan click here.

Click here or here for more information on The Washington State Growth Management Act.

Zoning Code

The City’s Zoning code contains the development regulations which carry out the goals and policies of the Comprehensive Plan.

The Zoning code includes regulations that protect neighborhoods, provide for vibrant commercial areas and protect the City’s environmentally sensitive areas. Click here to view the City’s zoning regulations or here for the City’s zoning map.

Public Participation Program

The GMA requires the City to provide for public participation in the development and amendment of the comprehensive land use plan and development regulations implementing such plan as outlined in RCW.70A.140

The City should provide for wide distribution of proposals and alternatives, opportunity for written comments, public meetings, provision for open discussion, communication programs, information services, and consideration of and response to public comments.

The City should provide notice as required in RCW.70A.0.5 to property owners and other affected and interested individuals, tribes, government agencies, businesses, school districts, and organizations of proposed amendments to comprehensive plans and development regulations.

Examples of reasonable notice provisions include:

  • Posting the property for site-specific proposals
  • Publishing notice in a newspaper of general circulation in the county, city, or general are where the proposal is located or that will be affected by the proposal
  • Notifying public or private groups with known interest in a certain proposal or in the type of proposal being considered
  • Placing notices in appropriate regional, neighborhood, ethnic or trade journals
  • Publishing notice in agency newsletters or sending notice to agency mailing lists, including general lists for specific proposals or subject areas.
Excerpted from the Millwood Comprehensive Plan, Section 3.3