Millwood City Park

Millwood City Park is located on Frederick Avenue east of Argonne Road next to the Millwood Fire State.  This five acre park contains a playground, wading pool, splash pad, two picnic shelters, restrooms, tennis courts, small basketball courts and soccer field.

Park hours are dawn to dusk

Restrooms are open seasonally

Use of picnic shelters and other park amenities are on a first-come, first-serve basis.  The City does not accept reservations for use of the park

Park Rules

All parks are closed to the general public from 11:00 P.M. to 6:00 A.M. It is unlawful for any person to be in any park when closed to the public.

It is unlawful to throw any refuse, litter, broken glass, junk or garbage in any park except in designated receptacles.

Firearms, fireworks, bows and arrows and slingshots are prohibited.

Wine, beer or other intoxicating liquors are prohibited, except pursuant to a valid permit or license issued by the Washington State Liquor Control Board.

Animals shall be permitted in the park provided they are restrained on a leash not more than six feet in length adequate to restrain the animal. The owner or person having custody and control of any animal in a city park shall be responsible to pick up and dispose in a garbage container all feces excreted by the animal in the park.

It is unlawful to build fires in any park except in areas designated by the city council.

It is unlawful to camp in any park except at places set aside for such purposes by the city council and so designated by signs.

It is unlawful to take up collections, or to engage in any activity for a commercial or pecuniary purpose in the park; or to operate or use any loudspeaker in any park without the written permit from the city council.

It is unlawful to sell refreshments or merchandise in any park, without the written permission of, or a concession contract with, the city council.