South Riverway Property

South Riverway Property

In November 2016 the Millwood City Council authorized the purchase of two unimproved parcels on South Riverway. This was in response to ongoing discussions on ways to improve public access to the Spokane River. Following the purchase of the properties, the City’s Planning Department began the process of re-zoning the property from a residential zone to Public Reserve with the intent of developing the land into a City park. Response to the notice for re-zone was swift, and in February 2017, the re-zone was postponed indefinitely and the City Council requested that the Millwood Planning Commission undertake a study of the best potential uses of the property, to include a meaningful public participation process.

Planning Commission
The Planning Commission conducted a series of public meetings to consider potential uses for the parcels and to gather input from citizens interested in the project. The meetings were widely attended and covered a wide range of subjects including the current site conditions, needs and concerns from neighbors, technical assistance from affected agencies and organizations and possible alternative uses for the property.

During the course of the meetings, residents and neighbors expressed concern about the potential for increased crime, traffic, parking needs, noise and other nuisances along with possible negative environmental impacts to the Spokane River, devaluation of property values for homes within proximity of the site and the cost to develop and maintain a City park including increased liability to the City.

In addition to input received at the public meetings, numerous letters both for and against developing the site into a public park were received. Copies of all written public comments are available by request. Please contact Christina Janssen, Planner to view or receive copies of written public comments.

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